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Women Development Fund (WODEF) Empowering Rural Women through Economic Inclusion Enablers (EIEs) in Kisii, Kenya 

The Women Development Fund’s Women’s Economic Inclusion activities in the rural areas of Kisii, Kenya, are instrumental in driving sustainable change and uplifting the lives of women. By providing financial services, skill development, and entrepreneurial support, WODEF is empowering women to become drivers of economic growth and social progress in their communities. As the Fund continues to expand its reach and impact, it promises to create a more inclusive, prosperous, and gender-equal societies across the Greater Western Kenya, where women are at the forefront of positive transformation

What we do

We aim to provide groceries, amenities and appliances to low-income familes. We nedd your help

Access to Financial Services

WODEF recognizes that access to financial services is a critical aspect of women's economic inclusion. In collaboration with local financial institutions, the fund seeks women in Kisii with access to affordable and customized financial products, including savings accounts, credit facilities, and microloans. These financial services enable women to start or expand their businesses, invest in education, and create financial stability for their families.

Skill Development and Training Programs

To enhance the capacity of rural women entrepreneurs, the Women Development Fund is implementing skill development and training programs. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including business management, agricultural techniques, and vocational skills. By equipping women with the necessary knowledge and skills, WODEF empowers them to participate more actively in the local economy and break free from the cycle of poverty.

Women Entrepreneurship Support

WODEF is a staunch advocate for women's entrepreneurship in Kisii. The fund offers mentorship and coaching sessions to aspiring women entrepreneurs, guiding them through the process of starting and managing successful businesses. Additionally, WODEF facilitates networking opportunities and access to markets, empowering women to establish sustainable enterprises that contribute to the local economy's growth.

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