Women Development Fund

                      Our Theory of Change 

IF WODEF establishes itself as a formidable organization committed to advancing transformative and inclusive women’s rights agenda, AND advocates tirelessly for equal access to economic opportunities and resources, WHILE fostering strong connections among women’s groups and women’s rights organizations, empowering them to take both individual and collective actions aimed at deconstructing patriarchal structures and prevailing power dynamics, THEN WODEF will play a pivotal role in contributing to the dismantling of detrimental norms, challenging and reshaping perceptions, disrupting existing power structures, and reforming legislative and policy frameworks, AND ULTIMATELY pave the way towards a world where women are not only empowered but also respected, valued, and granted equal access to socio-economic opportunities, allowing them to realize their full potential.

                                                                                                                      Implementation Model

WODEF diligently SEEK out valuable resources, ESTABLISH CONNECTIONS with women’s groups and organizations dedicated to women’s rights movements, ENHANCE and STRENGTHEN their institutional capabilities, PROVIDE FINANCIAL SUPPORT for their essential requirements, and ASSIST communities in accomplishing a  TRANSFORMATIVE Change.

Empowering every woman, girl & child to be free

We are mobilizing resources to empower grassroots feminist organizations and champion women’s and girls’ rights